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Here are all the categories of the free thrilling games for you to enjoy. You can find information on free games, war games, war minigames and many more different games. You will have access to the war free games which are provided all in one page for you to enjoy.
Tangled We must find the letters of the alphabet in the story of Sleeping Beauty with Tangled. That is really fun to play Tangled.
Naruto The Quest Our friend presents his new game Naruto The Quest. Add the three identical cards and get in Naruto The Quest.
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Tom And Jerry Cheese War Jerry not to harass the poor Tom, and this is dead of hunger, and needs your help to get food. Don´t get caught by the cat and get the cheese.
Ural Truck You have an important mission in battle, carry weapons and food to the nearest base, but care not lose along the way, since it is up to you to win the war.
Authorized Forklift License We have to download many trucks and need to get to controls of the truck and put all the boxes in the corresponding site of the warehouse.
Abe Droid Zone We´re going to invade planets of the Androids enemies, we need your combat skill to defeat them. Wait no longer and spend hours of fun with this game.
Zombie Revolt The zombie threat returns to the city, this all infected and we need to get the tank commanders to end the virus and walkers. Aim and shoot.
Deadswitch 2 We´re going to invade enemy territory, the helicopter you will leave on the field of battle. Very good game of war, that you can not stop playing.
Bomb It 5 Bomberman guys arrive with their 5 game on the Internet. New worlds where you will have to remove your opponents have no compassion. Be a good strategist.
Droid Hunter We have a new mission. Delete to the androids that have invaded our beloved city. Aim your weapon and eliminates all enemies.
Airborne Wars This is war, and you have to choose the best strategy to enter and defeat the enemy territory. Become a great strategist and destroy the enemy.
Black Angle 2 You have the Mission of eliminating the demons that have infected our planet. Care shall why not you make it easy.
Keeper Of The Grove The monsters want to steal your gems, but it will not be easy. Create the best strategy to prevent you stealing.
Guardian Castle This is the war and the army enemy wants to conquer your territory. You are a sniper and must finish with your rifle troops enemy.
War Elephant Surpass you that conquer all territories on the backs of our elephant. Choose your best strategy and do not leave or an enemy alive. Enjoy!
Desert Rumble Placed in a strategic way your tanks and weapons to defend your territory from the attack of the enemy. Don´t let them from reaching your base.
Relic Of War Relive World War II, leading the Allied troops to defeat the Nazi regime. Weapon your army and chooses the best strategy to win the war.
Run Ninja Run 2 Our ninja must cross infinite places at full speed, and bring your enemies not make us easy! Runs everything you can and conquer the treasure.
Desert Defence We must defend our military base in the desert of the attack on the enemy. Shooting at the tanks enemy and destruyelos.
Death Valley You are in midst of war, you have to reach the base with your tank, but have to go through the field of battle and the enemy you will not be easy.
Pearl Harbor 1942 It defends the Pearl Harbor of the United States military base in a historic battle. Japanese planes you not going to be easy.
Capture The Castle Help to build and strengthen your village, forces enemy are preparing to attack, choose your best tactic and you conquer.
Street War The city streets are a hell, is taken by the gang. You must make the bloody gang cleaning.
Metal Slug Zombie Revenge The guys from Metal Slug again with a new adventure. The Zombies return to attack us, eliminalos to everyone and be sure no one live.
Swat Defense You belong to the Swat, a group of elite must defend the building of the President of the terrorist attack. Point and shoot!
Military Rescue Driver He leads the military comboy in the mission to save the lives of needy soldiers. Destroy all those obstacles you encounter.
Ben 10 Mass Attack Ben 10 comes a new planet and you are shooting. It helps to defend the ship our Ben 10 hero and conquer the enemy planet.
Army Blaster Toby has to clear his name of who is accused of a murder. You do not have mercy and kill your enemies with all your weapons.
HumAliens Battle 4 Humans defend their planet from the aliens attack. Use all your skill directing armies to defend our planet.
Ben 10 Revenge Ben 10 this planet enemy and needs our help to eliminate his rivals. Aim your gun, shoot and dodge the gunfire of enemy soldiers.
Dungeon King Incredible graphics and wonderful games fight and action in Dungeon King. Kills wizards and Orcs in Dungeon King.
Simpsons Arcade This Springfield in war, helping Bart to survive in Simpsons Arcade. Kill your enemies and do not have mercy on Simpsons Arcade.
Heavy Pawnage You´re a brave robot fighting against enemy troops in Heavy Pawnage. Defend your planet from your enemy in Heavy Pawnage.
Armored Ashura Ultimate The super hero Ashura needs our help to overcome their enemies in Armored Ashura Ultimate. Be sure to none live in Armored Ashura Ultimate.
Paper wars The aliens do not declare war in Paper wars. Don´t let any Allen live in the tough battle in Paper wars.
F16 Attack We are commanded by an F-16 and have to destroy the enemy in F16 Attack aircraft. Shoot and don´t you tear down in F16 Attack.
Battlefield Arena You need to make us help in the war of tanks in Battlefield Arena. It points to your enemies and eliminalos in Battlefield Arena.
Chain Soldier They attacked our camp and we must defend it in Chain Soldier. Green soldiers it becomes red soldiers in Chain Soldier.
Deadly Venom 3 Show off your killer professional skills and kill your enemies stealthily in Deadly Venom 3. Be sure to none live in Deadly Venom 3.
Orcs Vs Humans Defend your territory in Orcs Vs Humans. Orcs attack us and want to conquer our territories in Orcs Vs Humans.
Battle Of Mushrooms Mushrooms have declared war on forest in Battle Of Mushrooms. Create the best strategy to beat your enemy in Battle Of Mushrooms.
Builders Brawl The masons of the work in front you have declared war on Builders Brawl. Kill the workers and the victory at Builders Brawl.
Legend of the Void Choose from a wizard or a warrior and destroys your enemy in Legend of the Void. Great game by shifts in Legend of the Void.
Turning The Tide Pilot the plane of battle and destroys the base enemy in Turning The Tide. Shoot your bombs and destroy the tanks enemies in Turning The Tide.
Infiltrator Incredible animation between two groups of aliens in Infiltrator. Excellent shots and attacks in Infiltrator.
Metal Slug Flash We are at war and we must fight the enemy in Metal Slug Flash. Enjoy the classic Metal Slug Flash.
Crazy Action Joe Enjoy throwing to Joe as far as possible in Crazy Action Joe. The soldier needs your help in Crazy Action Joe.
Super Mario Confront Battle Mario needs help in the battle to eliminate their enemies in Super Mario Confront Battle. He enjoys playing Super Mario Confront Battle.
Paintball War You are in the forest ready to participate in Paintball War. Enjoy with your friends, and eliminalos all in Paintball War.
US Combat Operation You are a US special forces soldier and have a mission in US Combat Operation. Kill terrorists in US Combat Operation.
Seal Of The Mainland Lead your army with special powers to defeat the enemy in Seal Of The Mainland. The forces of evil attacked us Seal Of The Mainland.
Army Of Ages The aliens want to conquer our territory in Army Of Ages. Defend your territory to death in Army Of Ages.
Natives War The neighboring tribe is attacking your village and you must defend it in Natives War. Beware of enemy spears in Natives War.
The Lasersword Accident Become a Luke Skywalker and grab your laser sword in The Lasersword Accident. You grab the handle and do not burn in The Lasersword Accident.
Dark Box Defender Defend your base from enemy in Dark Box Defender. The Knights want to conquer your enemies base in Dark Box Defender.
Xtreme Firepower The government has assigned you a mission to destroy it snows terrorists in Xtreme Firepower. Do not let anyone live in Xtreme Firepower.
Sieged They are attacking our castle and we have to defend in Sieged. Drop boxes on the knights and overthrow them in Sieged.
Mario Destroyer Bowser challenges Mario in space and sends in troops to destroy in Mario Destroyer. Destroy your enemy in Mario Destroyer.
Dragon Assassin You are a medieval warrior experienced you have to defeat your enemy in Dragon Assassin. Destroy the enemy castle and his Dragon Assassin.
Zombies Vs Penguins The Zombies and the penguins are at war, aim your weapon and win in Zombies Vs Penguins. Win the battle in Zombies Vs Penguins.
Storm Ops 2 You're a special forces soldier and you must defend your camp, in Storm Ops 2. Aim and shoot in Storm Ops 2.
Crazy Rabbit War War has broken out between rabbits and you must defend your heart of Crazy Rabbit War. Aim and shoot at Crazy Rabbit War.
Advanced Combat You are in a distant planet and you must lead your soldiers in battle in Advanced Combat. It is a great strategist in Advanced Combat.
Madness Combat 9 Madness Our heroes have to eliminate their enemies in Madness Combat 9. Will face natural beings on Madness Combat 9.
Warriors Of Warcraft The Warcraft characters must defend his kingdom in Warriors Of Warcraft. Fight for your people in Warriors Of Warcraft.
Dibbles The Dibble need your help to find your way in Dibbles. Choose the shortest path in Dibbles.
Contra Konami Enjoy playing this classic game Contra Konami. Do not let any enemy live in Contra Konami.
Unreal Flash 3 Flash version of the famous in Unreal Flash 3. Choose your warrior and enjoy the battle in Unreal Flash 3.
Ultimate Mamas Boy Help this bully to be the bloodiest of all in Ultimate Mamas Boy. Shoot to Kill in Ultimate Mamas Boy.
Elite Forces Warfare You have an elite troop under your command in Elite Forces Warfare. Create your estretegia to eliminate a terrorist group in Elite Forces Warfare.
Defend The Village 2 Defend the town from attack by enemies in Defend The Village 2. Create your barricades and Strikes in Defend The Village 2.
Parabirds Help the squirrels in his attack on Parabirds. Defend the territory of the enemy's attack squirrels in Parabirds.
Warzone Getaway Our mission is to escort a convoy in Warzone Getaway. Aim your weapon and kill the enemy soldiers in Warzone Getaway.
Raid mission Organize your team of elite, eliminate the enemy and accomplish the mission accomplished in Raid mission. Beware of enemies in Raid mission.
Hacker Vs Hacker Prevent a hacker attack your computer if virus in Hacker Vs Hacker. Put all your defenses in Hacker Vs Hacker.
Social War War has broken out among the tribes in Social War. Move your archers, your knights and artillery to win in Social War.
Super Mario Bazooka Mario has gone to war with Bowser and use his weapons in Super Mario Bazooka. Aim and shoot in Super Mario Bazooka.
Sharp Trigger 2 Perhaps the best game in flash shots in first person, Sharp Trigger 2. Aim well and get out enemies in Sharp Trigger 2.
GemCraft Labyrinth Prepare your defenses to protect your gem magic of enemies in GemCraft Labyrinth. Use your magic to defend yourself in GemCraft Labyrinth.
Knights And Kastles 2 Defend your castle from enemies attack in Knights And Kastles 2. Train your soldiers to fight in Knights And Kastles 2.
Tank Attack 2 Destroy the zombies with your tank and rescue survivors in Tank Attack 2. Do not let any zombie live in Tank Attack 2.
Wulf Gar The darkness attack the Vikings in Wulf Gar. Help the warrior to destroy all enemies in Wulf Gar.
Osama Revenge Bin Laden wants revenge and seeks to kill U.S. soldiers in Osama Revenge. Become a U.S. soldier in Osama Revenge.
Da Vinci Cannon Leonardo Da Vinci created a great gun that we used in Da Vinci Cannon. Defeat the enemy knocking down towers in Da Vinci Cannon.
Rotor Wars Help the spacecraft to fly over the planet without destroying the ship in Rotor Wars. Prove your driving skills in Rotor Wars.
battefield II You are an elite soldier, and we must rescue some scientists in battefield II. Eliminate the enemy and achieve your objetvo in battefield II.
Metal Slug Zombie Zurvival The guys from Metal Slug back with a new adventure in Metal Slug Zombie Zurvival. Destroy the enemy in Metal Slug Zombie Zurvival.
Navy Glory New battle in the sea in Navy Glory. Destroy enemy ships and submarines out for Navy Glory.
Battlefield Airwolf Classic game arcade aircraft Battlefield Airwolf. Get on the helicopter and manages to win the battle in Battlefield Airwolf.
Corporate Wars It is waging a war in space and help you win in the Corporate Wars. Defend your territory in Corporate Wars.
Mario Sea War Even on holiday does not stop breathing Mario, stand on enemy ships in Mario Sea War. Shoot your bomb in Mario Sea War.
Palisade Guardian Protects the secret documents of the enemy soldiers in Palisade Guardian. Aim your rifle and eliminate the invading soldiers in Palisade Guardian.
Pirate Wars bomberman style game but with boats and sea in Pirate Wars. Destroy your Enmig with your bombs in Pirate Wars.
Lord Of War 2 We must defend the tower with all our weapons in Lord Of War 2. It brings together the best weapons and soldiers in Lord Of War 2.
RPG Rider Warriors also have their bike RPG Rider. Accelerating hard to overcome obstacles and reach the goal in RPG Rider.
Destroy The Castle Destroy your enemies with your catapult in Destroy The Castle. Do not let any enemy live in Destroy The Castle.
Seo Act 1 China Mika Miko aliens and need our help to survive in Seo Act 1 China. Point and shoot in Seo Act 1 China.
Gnome Mans Land Elves helps fend off the creatures of hell in Gnome Mans Land. You will need the best warriors in Gnome Mans Land.
Spitfire 1940 Help the British side in World War II in Spitfire 1940. Wins the war in Spitfire 1940.
Penguin Combat The Penguins have gone to war with neighbors if Penguin Combat. Grab your weapon, aim and shoot at Penguin Combat.
Soldiers Soldiers have a new mission! Destroy the enemy target in Soldiers. Choose your strategy good Soldiers.
Age Of Defense 3 Editor New version of the game of the stone age. You can even pick your enemies in Age Of Defense 3 Editor.
Age Of Defense 3 Involved in the war that occurs in the stone age in Age Of Defense 3. Play your cards right and achieved victory in Age Of Defense 3.
War Within Paper Fun war game, shoot your enemies in War Within Paper. Draw your victory in War Within Paper.
Penguins Attack 3 Penguins declare war on us and attack our strength in Penguins Attack 3. Get defend from enemy attack on Penguins Attack 3.
Collapse It Strategically placed bombs to remove the lens in Collapse It. Use all your weapons in Collapse It.
High School Class The school is filled with bands, choose yours and defend your territory in High School Class. Take out the enemy in High School Class.
F16 Steel Fighter Zero We are in command of an F16 and you have to destroy enemy aircraft in F16 Steel Fighter Zero. Achieve your mission in F16 Steel Fighter Zero.
Tiny Combat Protect the flag of the enemy army in Tiny Combat. Do not get caught in Tiny Combat.
Desert Moon Defend the military tower at Desert Moon. The aliens want to take over military base at Desert Moon.
Tiny Combat 2 Point and deispara to protect your strength in Tiny Combat 2. Do not let the enemy soldiers come to your territory in Tiny Combat 2.
Warlords 2 Conquer enemy territory and destroy it in Warlords 2. Use a good strategy in Warlords 2.
Bionoids Point your enemies, choose your weapon and shoot at Bionoids. Do not let the enemy live in Bionoids.
Snow Blitz War It created a war of snow between the neighborhood kids in Snow Blitz War. Cover and points well in Snow Blitz War.
Army training Sharpen your aim and eliminate the enememigo in Army training. Test your skill with weapons in Army training.
Squared Head Warrior Defend your fortress from your enemies square in Squared Head Warrior. Win the battle in Squared Head Warrior.
Desert Rifle 2 It is a special mission in the battle, is to eliminate the shooters Desert Rifle 2. Able to eliminate the enemy in Desert Rifle 2.
Age of kingdom I like the Warcraft games? Well, I liked Age of kingdom. Build your world and conquer enemy territory in Age of kingdom.
Sniper Dude Point your enemy with your weapon and shoot in Sniper Dude. You are a sniper and you must fulfill your mission in Sniper Dude.
Russian Jeep The helicopters of the enemy attack us in Russian Jeep. Counter attack your enemy with missiles in Russian Jeep.
Metal Slug Defense We have to defend our base from the attack of the enemy in Metal Slug Defense. Use all your arsenal to fight in Metal Slug Defense.
Monster Truck Rampage Tenemso to follow our path and the enemies attack us in Monster Truck Rampage. Shoot and get to continue your way in Monster Truck Rampage.
Antidote Pandemia We are a robot that we must protect ourselves from attack by the virus in Antidote Pandemia. Do not let contagiarte in Antidote Pandemia.
Operation Desert Sabre Relive the war in the Gulf with one of the most famous battles in Operation Desert Sabre. Conquering the territory in Operation Desert Sabre.
Sharp Trigger We have the mission of inmates within the enemy camp Sharp Trigger. Fulfill your mission in Sharp Trigger.
War in ice Helicopter pilot you must eliminate the enemy in War in ice. Get down as many enemies in the War in ice.
Bunny Flags Defend your flag on the barricades and with all your weapons in Bunny Flags. You should be able to endure and achieve your goals Bunny Flags.
Super Brutal Soccer 2 Brutal football game, not just the technique will serve to win the game in Super Brutal Soccer 2. Win the game in Super Brutal Soccer 2.
Too Many Tanks Destroy enemy tanks, wins the battle in open field in Too Many Tanks. Destroy your enemies in Too Many Tanks.
Soakamon Would you about a war of balloons? You have to give your opponent more times with the balloons in Soakamon. Get wet little in Soakamon.
RoboKill 2 I like the halo game? Then we present the online version RoboKill 2. Take the gun and do not let live Enmig RoboKill 2.
The red baron 1918 Shoot down enemy planes in World War I in The red baron 1918. You are a great German hero in The red baron 1918.
Lock n load We must eliminate all enemies before time runs out Lock n load. Aim and shoot at Lock n load.
Kill Shot Fine-tune your aim with Kill Shot. Aim and shoot the enemy, do not let anyone live in Kill Shot.
City under siege We attack the enemy tank in City under siege. Defend the city from enemy attacks in City under siege.
Battleship the beginning We must win the battle naval vessels strategically placed on Battleship the beginning. Sink the enemy in Battleship the beginning.
Humaliens Battle The world has gone to war in Humaliens Battle. Decide if your army and eliminate your enemies in Humaliens Battle.
Camperwars Aim for the enemy and delete it with an excellent shot in Camperwars. Sharpen your accuracy in Camperwars.
Starwars Aliens attack us and we must eliminate in Starwars. The story is repeated in Starwars.
History of war romans Conquer the territory of the barbarians with your legions in History of war romans. Create your army and defeat your enemy in History of war romans.
Naval strike Destroy the enemy ships and planes that want to destroy in Naval strike. Win the war against your enemies in Naval strike.
Rambo Mario Bros Grab your weapon and helps Bros brethren to rescue the princess in Rambo Mario Bros. A `point and shoot the enemy in Rambo Mario Bros.
Spectrum TD Put your strategic manara weapons to kill your enemy in Spectrum TD. Leave no one alive in enemy Spectrum TD.
Mutant madness Zombies are invading us in our fast-food restaurant in Mutant madness. Eliminate your enemies in Mutant madness.
Effin Terrorists 2 We have to stop a terrorist attack, for it eliminates all enemies in Effin Terrorists 2. Do not let anyone live in Effin Terrorists 2.
Epic war 4 Conquest countries and win every battle in Epic war 4. Use a good strategy and conquer the world Epic war 4.
RTS defense Put your man so you can surprise the enemy in RTS defense. Win the battle in RTS defense.
Apache fighter We are at war and you're at the controls of your helicopter Apache fighter. Destroy the enemy in Apache fighter.
Metal slug death defense We have a new mission to solve, this time we are in a tank in Metal slug death defense. Eliminate the enemy in Metal slug death defense.
Pro Sniper You are an elite shot and you meet a war missions in Pro Sniper. Eliminate all enemy soldiers in Pro Sniper.
Duality What are angel or devil? Choose which you would like to be and gets to the door to destroy your enemy in Duality. Enjoy Duality.
Anticristum You are of good or evil? Choose from archangels army or the army of the antichrist in Anticristum. Destroy the enemy tower in Anticristum.
Naruto battle for leaf village battle for leaf village We must help defend the village and kill our enemies in Naruto battle for leaf village. Help our hero in Naruto battle for leaf village.
Bug war 2 Estamso war against insect enemies and we need your help in Bug war 2. Make your strategy and win the battle in Bug war 2.
Warfare 1917 We must resist the attack in the trenches of the Germans inWarfare 1917. Train your troops in Warfare 1917.
Ultimate war It is our last battle and we must create our army and conquest of the territories in Ultimate war. Build your kingdom in Ultimate war.
knight tactics 2 Turn-based strategy game where you have to eliminate your enemies in knight tactics 2. Care knight tactics 2 is very addictive.
XLR We must eliminate the enemy lines while crossing the galaxy in XLR.Take advantage of eliminating enemies in XLR.
America army You're an American marine and you have to test your aim in America army. Aim and shoot the target in America army.
Lightsaber battles 3d Choose from Dark Vader or Obi Wan Lightsaber battles 3d in 3D and live an awesome battle. Enjoy Lightsaber battles 3d.
Ben 10 Air War We must help our hero to collect all the clocks in order to exceed the level in Ben 10 Air War. Manages to win in Ben 10 Air War.
Agent Combat You have to kill all enemies with your sniper rifle Agent Combat. Do not let no one live and get more weapons in Agent Combat.
Ben 10 samurai warrior New to adventure of Ben 10, you must help the warrior samurai Ben 10 to retrieve the objects Ultra-T from the hands of evil Kenko Ben 10 samurai warrior.
Warp zone It attacks the enemy in Warp zone. How long you can survive in this area full of enemies in Warp zone?
Fly and shoot Destroy all enemy aircraft in Fly and shoot. Pilot a fighter plane during World War II in Fly and shoot.
Great Massacre Show your skill with the sword in Great Massacre. Annihilate all the warriors who want to kill you in Great Massacre.
Metal Slug brutal 3 new adventure of our elite commando Metal Slug brutal 3. Take on the command of the deadly and bloody get your goals in Metal Slug brutal 3.
Avatar As expected after a big movie like Avatar the game goes online. Enjoy the adventure Avatar also online.
Sin mark Take on the orcs and prevents them from taking over Middle-earth in Sin mark. Collect them and mix them to create magical spells.
Military rescue You are an elite soldier in Military rescue and you must rescue the prisoners. Kill your enemy in Military rescue and achieve your goals.
Mario Coloring Color our friends Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Wario in Mario Coloring. Enjoy painting in Mario Coloring.
Chronicles of Raynor In Chronicles of Raynor a special agent and you find weapons smugglers and to destroy them. Enjoy Chronicles of Raynor.
Dragon Rage Enter the dungeon, explore, and ends with those who defend enemies in Dragon Rage. Draw your sword and enjoy Dragon Rage.
Kaos Kommander Humans have made a small mistake and you've left a gap in Kaos Kommander, where you can enter his kingdom. Conquer the land.
Commando You are an elite Commando and you must defend the Allies. Can you stem the tide of the enemy invasion with your Commando?
Eruption Eruption is a game like the old recreational craft. Get out of the center of the earth, dodging the fireballs in Eruption.
Rise of the Tower We must defend our base from enemy attack in Rise of the Tower. Place arms next to the tower and enjoy the Rise of the Tower.
Rails of War Drive your War Train into battle Rails of War and destroy the enemy that threatens your country. Conquer the world with Rails of War.
Defense commander Defend your city from attack by enemy bombers, Defense commander. A war game and very fun to Defense commander.
Battlefield 2 War, Weapons and much action in Battlefield 2. Enter the enemy barracks and liquidates all the soldiers'.
Rise of pirates In Rise of Pirates are the captain of a pirate ship. It governs your ship and visiting ports pirates to buy food and ammunition for your boat. Play Rise of pirates.
Hold the line Your enemies will have cornered Hold the line. Leave the trench Hold the line and destroy your enemies.
Battalion Ghost We must win the battle of Battalion Ghost. Get in the tank and get ready to win this huge battle, enjoy the Battalion Ghost.
Ninja+ 2 Are you an experienced warrior and we need your help in Ninja+ 2. Throw your ninja stars to your enemies stealthily.
Bomber Choose your robot Bomber, take your explosives and by the enemy. The rest of Bomber think only destroy you, let them blow up.
Commando 2 Exciting game, action by the 4 sides in Commando 2 without stopping. Take the gun and shows the boss enemies in Commando 2.
Battlefield In Battlefield create your army, buy the best weapons and destroy the enemy castle. Like Battlefield strategy is your game.
Minions Minions Multiplayer Battle Game is very fun. Invite a friend to Minions and enjoy the game.
Metal Slug Metal Slug is a great animation of the famous game of leisure. Grab your popcorn and enjoy Metal Slug.
Territory War Action game, where Territory War need to settle this before your opponent does to you.

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