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Here are all the categories of the free thrilling games for you to enjoy. You can find information on free games, sonic games, sonic minigames and many more different games. You will have access to the sonic free games which are provided all in one page for you to enjoy.
Naruto The Quest Our friend presents his new game Naruto The Quest. Add the three identical cards and get in Naruto The Quest.
Colheita Feliz 3 Create a farm! Breeding animals, crops and make organizing arrive in stores the materials needed for daily life. Get Happy greenback in Colheita.
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Mario And Sonic Doll 2 This Sonic in problem, is by hanging himself, and needs the help of Mario to be released. Aim the arrow well and do not give Sonic.
Sonic Gem Collector Sonic needs that we take all the emeralds and rings. Get add maximum points and Sonic will be happy.
Super Mario Save Sonic Mario must save his friend Sonic from the clutches of Bowser in Super Mario Save Sonic. You show what business you´re in Super Mario Save Sonic.
Sonic Sky Impact Sonic needs our help to elimnar the enemy in Sonic Sky Impact. Do not leave any enemy alive in Sonic Sky Impact.
Sonic Skate Glider Sonic has bought a skate and need help to explore the city in Sonic Skate Glider. Demonstrate your ability on the skate in Sonic Skate Glider.
Mario And Sonic Zombie Killer The world of Mario has infected zombies and we have to kill them in Mario And Sonic Zombie Killer. You will have the help of Sonic in Mario And Sonic Zombie Killer.
Fantastic Duet 2 Choose Mario or Sonic, and manages to reach the final in Fantastic Duet 2. It is a fun platform game, enjoy Fantastic Duet 2.
Mario Block Ball Mario presents her new adventure in Mario Block Ball. Choose your favorite character and defeat bowser and Mario Block Ball company.
Sonic Runner Sonic runs through the woods looking for rings in Sonic Runner. Help our friend to collect the maximum of rings as you can in Sonic Runner.
Mario And Sonic Jet Adventure Fly the plane together with our friends in Mario And Sonic Jet Adventure. Shoot the enemy and dodging obstacles in Mario And Sonic Jet Adventure.
Sonic vs knuckles Sonic must defeat knuckles back in Sonic vs knuckles. Prove you're the best at Sonic vs knuckles.
Mario Vs Sonic Racing Mario Sonic challenges, gritting his teeth and gets beat your opponent in Mario Vs Sonic Racing. Accelerating hard and be the first in Mario Vs Sonic Racing.
Final Fantasy Destination X Very good animation with the best video game characters in Final Fantasy Destination X. Do not miss the chance to see Final Fantasy Destination X.
Marionic Our friend Mario becomes Marionic for a few hours. Get at full speed all the rings as if in Marionic.
Angry Sonic Sonic has to destroy his enemy with bombs in Angry Sonic. Aim well and manages to achieve your goals in Angry Sonic.
Sonic Truck Sonic drive your truck to carry the rings in Sonic Truck. Drive carefully keep the rings in Sonic Truck.
Sonic Memory Match Sonic tests your memory, you will be able to get all the couples in Sonic Memory Match. Get go far in Sonic Memory Match.
Mario bros in sonic world Mario must adapt to his new mission in Mario bros in sonic world. Mario makes a visit to his friend in Mario bros in sonic world.
Sonic Ninja Motobike Sonic ninja disguises himself and gets on the bike in Sonic Ninja Motobike. Get all the rings in Sonic Ninja Motobike.
Sonic Earth Travel the world Sonic style by big cities in Sonic Earth. Enjoy playing in Sonic Earth.
Sonic Motobike Sonic has bought a new bike and have to drive it in Sonic Motobike. Accelerating hard and enjoy Sonic Motobike.
Sonic Crazy World New adventures of our friend in Sonic Crazy World. Grab all the coins in Sonic Crazy World.
Super Sonic Diwali The super Sonic career has begun and we need to get first in Super Sonic Diwali. Dodge the obstacles in Super Sonic Diwali.
Sonic Moto Hop on the bike and runs around the track while avoiding obstacles in Sonic Moto. You have to make the best time in Sonic Moto.
Sonic vs mario fight Want to enjoy a great wrestling match? You have to see Sonic vs mario fight. Take advantage of your characters in Sonic vs mario fight.
Sonic X: Speed Spotter 2 Porcupine our friend brings a new adventure in Sonic X: Speed Spotter 2. Find the differences of the images in Sonic X: Speed Spotter 2.
Fantastic trio Choose your favorite character from Mario, Sonic or Aladdin in Fantastic trio. Collect the coins on this adventure Fantastic trio.
Super Sonic spin and set Sonic presents another challenge to this puzzle in Super Sonic spin and set. Montale in the shortest possible time in Super Sonic spin and set.
Sonic Surf Glide to your table in Sonic Surf. Defeat Eggman and gets to return the stolen emerald in Sonic Surf.
Sonic Trip Help our friend Sonic Trip. Collect all the coins dodging your enemies and work your way up the door to the next level in Sonic Trip.
Sonic similarities Find objects that are repeated in the two images in Sonic similarities. When you find all of level spend Sonic similarities.
Sonic speed spotter Sonic is proposing a new challenge in Sonic speed spotter. Find the differences between the two pictures of Sonic speed spotter.
Sonic assault Sonic Helps to eliminate all enemies in Sonic assault. Enjoy eliminating your enemies in Sonic assault.
Super Mario Bros Z 2 Partnership between the characters of Mario and Sonic, to confront the gang of Bowser, who just kidnap the princess. Play Super Mario Bros Z 2 without limits.
Sonic Puzzle collection I enjoy playing Sonic games and you like puzzles? Then Sonic Puzzle is your game collection. Assemble the puzzle and win in Sonic Puzzle collection.
Sonic kamikaze Tries to guide Sonic kamikaze as far as you can. You'll have to dodge enemies and avoid deadly traps in Sonic kamikaze.
Sonic in garden Help our friend Sonic to kill bats and birds that poop Lazan from the air. Enjoy Sonic in garden without limits.
Sonic Slide Llego el puzzle game with Sonic Slide. Fun and intuitive, not complicated Sonic Slide depends on your skill.
Sonic Flash Pure Sonic in Sonic Flash's entertainment. You will enjoy one of the best adventures in Sonic Flash, do not expect more.
Sonic in Angel Island Another classic game from the classic Sonic in Angel Island in our friend has a great adventure. Go ahead and play Sonic in Angel Island.
Sonic in Mario World 2 Great adventure of Sonic in the worlds of Mario, Sonic in Mario World 2. Enjoy in Sonic in Mario World 2 an adventure inevitable.
Sonic Xtreme 2 Collect all the rings in Sonic Xtreme 2 with your favorite Sonic. Was faster in Sonic Xtreme 2 Alzate and with the victory.

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