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Here are all the categories of the free thrilling games for you to enjoy. You can find information on free games, princesses games, princesses minigames and many more different games. You will have access to the princesses free games which are provided all in one page for you to enjoy.
Crash Bandicoot We help our friend in Crash Bandicoot to rescue his sister Coco, who is in more hands of the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. Endless fun in Crash Bandicoot.
Tangled We must find the letters of the alphabet in the story of Sleeping Beauty with Tangled. That is really fun to play Tangled.
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Lockout They have kidnapped your beautiful girlfriend, and we must rescue her terrible castle that is locked. Care that is full of traps, ready.
Only One World 2 They have kidnapped the beloved´s framework, and we must put all our skills to be able to rescue her. You sharpen your sword and fight against the evil in their castles.
Mario Princess Kiss 2 Mario and Princess Peach this madly in love. Mario puts to test his love, and wants to show to Peach that in any situation you can to your lips.
Nimble Mario 2 Mario needs help to find the keys out of the world that is trapped in Nimble Mario 2. Enjoy playing Nimble Mario 2.
Mario Minicross Challenge The Princess wants to win race to offer the title to Mario in Mario Minicross Challenge. Enjoy playing Mario Minicross Challenge.
Mario Plane Rescue Mario to rescue princess with his plane in Mario Plane Rescue. Dodge the enemies and help the princess in Mario Plane Rescue.
Mario Fruit Bubbles Mario proposes a new challenge, help yourself to join with the same symbols ball in Mario Fruit Bubbles. Do it before time runs out on Mario Fruit Bubbles.
Mario And Friends Mario and his friends need your help to protect your castle in Mario And Friends. Your men strategically located in Mario And Friends.
Ghosts And Goblins Kill Zombies and rescue your girl in Ghosts And Goblins. It is a classic among classics, enjoys playing Ghosts And Goblins.
Mario Zone Our friend Mario presents his new adventure in Mario Zone. Beat the different levels and saves the princess in Mario Zone.
Paper Mario World 2 New adventures of our friend plumber in Paper Mario World 2. Get to save the princess and beat your enemies with your hammer in Paper Mario World 2.
Super Mario Christmas Mario also celebrates Christmas, but his enemies have made him in Super Mario Christmas. Help our friends to save the princess in Super Mario Christmas.
Mario Snow Mario presents his new adventure in Mario Snow. Reaches the final and get to rescue the princess in Mario Snow.
Zelda II Avoider Link's new adventure where we have to dodge the enemies in Zelda II Avoider. Faster than they were in Zelda II Avoider.
Zelda Lynk helps to find Princess Zelda. Beat all enemies and rescue Princess Zelda.
Princess Hairstyle Princess Letizia has decided to go to your hairdresser to get cute in Princess Hairstyle. Let precious Princess Hairstyle.
Rambo Mario Bros Grab your weapon and helps Bros brethren to rescue the princess in Rambo Mario Bros. A `point and shoot the enemy in Rambo Mario Bros.
Synopsis Quest Find the treasure and save the princess in Synopsis Quest. Very good RPG, get your goals in Synopsis Quest.
Tangled We must find the letters of the alphabet in the story of Sleeping Beauty with Tangled. That is really fun to play Tangled.
Twee You have to overcome the game's 12 levels to save your girlfriend in Twee. Enjoy playing Twee.
Princess kiss Kiss the princess when you do not see the queen or the castle's guardians in Princess kiss. A love without limits on Princess kiss.
Medieval princess Choose clothes and accessories that you like best and Medieval princess adorns this to be the fashion of the kingdom.
Mamono Slayer Dig into the Catatumbo that are near the castle to find the magic sword with which to save your kingdom from a curse Mamono Slayer.
The Legend of Zelda color me Color your favorite characters in The Legend of Zelda color me. Pinta Link to your fancy in moving scenes with The Legend of Zelda color me.
Castle Wars Cards multiplayer game Castle Wars. Fun multiplayer card game. Enjoy the thrill of winning the game with Castle Wars.

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