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Here are all the categories of the free thrilling games for you to enjoy. You can find information on free games, pets games, pets minigames and many more different games. You will have access to the pets free games which are provided all in one page for you to enjoy.
Crash Bandicoot We help our friend in Crash Bandicoot to rescue his sister Coco, who is in more hands of the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. Endless fun in Crash Bandicoot.
Tangled We must find the letters of the alphabet in the story of Sleeping Beauty with Tangled. That is really fun to play Tangled.
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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf The sheep want to escape the farm and need you to guide them to achieve it successfully. Don´t forget to pick up the fruit that you´re on the road or they have hunger.
Wolfminator The field where to run and eat sheep is full of wolves, and have called us to eradicate them. Will not be easy to remove them hide very well, but with your skills are sure that you will get it.
Super Mole Stomper On our farm we have a big problem, the moles have invaded it and we have to eradicate them. Grab your hammer and when you see one and crush it.
Barbie Pet Doctor Barbie needs that you advisors you with their dresses. Would you like to be his assistant? Then choose the best clothes to dress up Barbie veterinary.
Bees Match Collect all the honey as you can stay very tuned that give you more options to pick up much faster honey. Is very skilled and enjoy.
Tokyo Guinea Pop Kong We have to help the animals of the Zoo of the dangers. Activates the mechanisms and get that animals do not suffer any damage.
Sheep Farm Your flock of sheep need to cities, you feed them and esquiles them. Meet your farmer tasks, and get the best wool.
Adventure Of Boodoo Help our pet to collect acorns and fruits in Adventure Of Boodoo. Be careful not to fall off and get to the next level in Adventure Of Boodoo.
Run Doggy Run Our dog has a ravenous appetite and steals chickens to satiate in Run Doggy Run. Do not let the farmer get caught up in Run Doggy Run.
I Love Carrot Our friend the rabbit has a passion for carrots, help get them in I Love Carrot. Think well before you move in I Love Carrot.
Pet Truck Transports pets to their caregivers in Pet Truck. Be careful not to hurt animals in Pet Truck.
Cute Egg Chick Draw this on your taste for this beautiful hen Cute Egg Chick. Indulge your creative in Cute Egg Chick.
Smart Dogs Help your pet when playing with the ball in Smart Dogs. Think to get the ball from one place to another in Smart Dogs.
Ninja Dogs The ninja must rescue his master into enemy hands on Ninja Dogs. Fine tune your aim in Ninja Dogs.
Mooo Get our reach cow milk bottle in Mooo. Think about how to solve the puzzle at Mooo.
Pandas Bigger Adventure The giant panda is proposing an adventure that we must solve in Pandas Bigger Adventure. You will be able to get in Pandas Bigger Adventure.
Pet Soccer Our pets are going to make a Pet Soccer. match. Choose your team and win the game in Pet Soccer.
Barnyard Puzzle Find the differences between the two drawings of the movie in Barnyard Puzzle. You will be able to solve the puzzle in Barnyard Puzzle.
Scuba Diving The rabbit diver has been proposed to find all the treasures underwater in Scuba Diving. Help to find the treasure in Scuba Diving.
Puppy Racing Choose your pet and upload it to a kart race manages to win the Puppy Racing. Have fun with Puppy Racing.
Niu Niu Bouncing Collect all the fruit possible Niu Niu Bouncing. Bounce the cow as much as you can in Niu Niu Bouncing.
Pets n sorcerer Create your magic potion to banish pets in Pets n sorcerer. Prevent them touch you in Pets n sorcerer.
Kitty the shooter Shoot down all the rabbits you can to score lots of points in Kitty the shooter. Do not let them reach your side in Kitty the shooter.
Pig trouble Help this granjeroa collect all the pigs in this fun game, Pig trouble. Enjoy Pig trouble.
Virtual farm We must work hard to take off in our Virtual farm crops. Take good care of farm animals in Virtual farm.
Pet Care We have a pet store, and you dressed up and they do not call customers on Pet Care. Let them rather handsome in Pet Care.
Twee You have to overcome the game's 12 levels to save your girlfriend in Twee. Enjoy playing Twee.
Scooby doo over board You have to help our friend Scooby doo to find his friend Shaggy on Scooby doo over board. Enjoy Scooby doo over board.
Pet creator Create your own pet to your taste, Pet creator. You can do and undo as you please in Pet creator.
Tigress jump We are in the temple in kunfu training Tigress jump. We have to jump from lantern to lantern and go quite high Tigress jump.
Farmxon We must help the farmer to cultivate all fields Farmxon. We must avoid the chickens that we do not bring the work easy in Farmxon.
Egg throw For that you can not meterle 10 goals in the hen Egg throw. Very simple game but very fun, enjoy Egg throw.
Taz Man Our friend Taz has escaped from the Zoo and hungry in Taz Man. We must help catch the bad food and not find us in Taz Man.
Milkpanic We have to milk all the cows before they explode in Milkpanic. Run run and do not getting lost in your task Milkpanic.
Red Jet Rabbit You have full throttle in Red Jet Rabbit. You are a tester and I have hired cars to raise money and get better in Red Jet Rabbit.
Garfield coop catch We must help our friends in Garfield coop catch. Help Garfield gather eggs and putting them in the basket Garfield coop catch.
Monkie From tree to tree, rock and gets to go as far as you can in Monkie. Click to extend arms and hold on to the branches in Monkie.
Sushi cat In Sushi cat must eat all you can. Throw the cat and commits to the sushi at Sushi cat.
Pet lover Aa Dress this beautiful girl with dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts and pants that you like best in Pet lover. Enjoy wearing in Pet lover.
Doraemon The mania that Doraemon has to go without clothes. Drawing on the shadows, wearing the famous cosmic cat Doraemon and surround them with friends.
Scooby doo creepy castle Awesome adventure Scooby doo creepy castle. Have fun with the dog star of the cartoons Scooby doo creepy castle.
New Super Chick Sisters We must save Princess Pam in New super chicken sisters. Game New Super Chick Sisters is a style of Mario games.
Petz Fashion I love dogs and cats? For in Petz Fashion DANCING. Leave pets as precious Petz Fashion
Foosball DX We already have the game of table football star,Foosball DX. Lives as never before in a world of table football and win at Foosball DX to your opponents.

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