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Here are all the categories of the free thrilling games for you to enjoy. You can find information on free games, logic games, logic minigames and many more different games. You will have access to the logic free games which are provided all in one page for you to enjoy.
Tangled We must find the letters of the alphabet in the story of Sleeping Beauty with Tangled. That is really fun to play Tangled.
Naruto The Quest Our friend presents his new game Naruto The Quest. Add the three identical cards and get in Naruto The Quest.
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Grand Banda You have to help us solve the mystery, it will not be easy but you must investigate and get the precise items to resolve it.
Rolling Fall 3 It´s your chance of getting revenge of the Zombies Walking dead. Drop heavy objects on them and tries to eliminate them.
Iced Boom Think about your strategy to get the Penguin to the stars. Destroys the ice, get to the last level.
Fancy Wizard Helps your friend the magician overcome obstacles. Your wand and Ghost friends yourself to achieve your goal.
Lionel Messi Puzzle Do you like Leo Messi? Enjoy with the Lionel Messi Puzzle. Be able to mount it before that end time in Lionel Messi Puzzle.
Wake Up Asterix And Obelix Asterix and Obelix have been asleep and we must wake them in Wake Up Asterix And Obelix. Use your intelligence in Wake Up Asterix And Obelix.
Mad Shapes 2 You need to be able to put the shapes with their colors on Mad Shapes 2. Enjoy playing with Mad Shapes 2.
Way Of An Idea 2 Use logic and your knowledge of physics in Way Of An Idea 2. Isaac Newton's apple needs to come up in Way Of An Idea 2.
Physics Cup 3 Think your best tactic to score a goal in Physics Cup 3. You can go far in Physics Cup 3.
Rabbit Sniper 3 The rabbit has been at war against their enemy in Rabbit Sniper 3. Aim your rifle and kill rivals in Rabbit Sniper 3.
I Love Carrot Our friend the rabbit has a passion for carrots, help get them in I Love Carrot. Think well before you move in I Love Carrot.
The Smurfs Handys Car Our friends the Smurfs need to help them in The Smurfs Handys Car. Test your conociemintos and skills in The Smurfs Handys Car.
Bombardius Protects the crew of the pirate ship's pumps Bombardius. Build what it takes to achieve your goal in Bombardius.
Liquid Measure 2 Place the containers and tubes to avoid spilling a drop of water in Liquid Measure 2. Use all your cunning in Liquid Measure 2.
Mr Bean Escape Our friend is making mischief and has been stuck in Mr Bean Escape. Help him out in Mr Bean Escape.
Traffic jam Be able to find out car meanwhile Traffic jam. Increasingly more complicated, but it achieves your goal in Traffic jam.
Demolition city 2 We have to put dynamite in the buildings and throw down on Demolition city 2. Think about the strategy Demolition city 2.
Satanorium Something happened in the sanatorium, we must study the case and find the causes of events in Satanorium. Terrific game, Satanorium.
Cubor Use logic in Cubor! Click on a cube and move it by clicking on the arrows. The goal is to bring every color to its proper place in Cubor
Invisible Runner In Invisible Runner lose sight of the protagonist ... Disappears from time to time! We will not have much intuition to an accident in Invisible Runner.
Matrixoid Place the areas where the tiles of the same color in Matrix using the fewest possible moves. Enjoy Matrixoid.
Boomeranger Become a real Boomeranger. Throw boomerangs and hits on the targets, complete the 25 levels using the fewest possible number of boomerangs.
Clix Put the pieces of the Clix so occupying the entire box. Pass it on turn and rotate on its axis and manages to win in Clix.
Creeper world A you can not stop playing Creeper world? Game where your goal is to create a network of energy and defend your base from attack by the aliens.
Hit the roads 2 Become an agent traffic on Hit the roads 2. Do not let an accident happen in your city to Hit the roads 2.
Kingdoms Nobility Simcity you liked? Then Kingdoms Nobility is your game. Kingdoms Nobility built in a medieval town.
Circlem In Circlem, trapping the creatures of the same color with your imaginary lasso! Hurry in Circlem, time is running out!
Dynamite blast Grab the dynamite and place it to blow your goals in Dynamite blast. In Dynamite blast successfully completes the objectives of each level.
Super Mario Tetris They join two of the most famous games in history in Super Mario Tetris. Super mario and Tetris come together to make the best game!
Ballery In Ballery you place the ball in the column with the highest score. Enjoy Ballery, you can not stop playing.
The Magic Pipes Joins pipes by two points in The Magic Pipes. At first is easy, then you use all your logic in The Magic Pipes to solve it.
Mechanism 2 Use the mouse in Mechanism 2 for guiding the clock to light. Cut with the knife Mechanism 2 the obstacles and get your challenge.
Nano factory You have to get the Nano factory block, up the indicator arrow. With Nano factory without use or not to let a neuron.

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