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Here are all the categories of the free thrilling games for you to enjoy. You can find information on free games, farms games, farms minigames and many more different games. You will have access to the farms free games which are provided all in one page for you to enjoy.
Sonic Crazy World New adventures of our friend in Sonic Crazy World. Grab all the coins in Sonic Crazy World.
GTA Flash You're a gangster and you must fulfill your mission in GTA Flash. Finally comes the most desired games to the network in GTA Flash.
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Latest farms games

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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf The sheep want to escape the farm and need you to guide them to achieve it successfully. Don´t forget to pick up the fruit that you´re on the road or they have hunger.
Super Mole Stomper On our farm we have a big problem, the moles have invaded it and we have to eradicate them. Grab your hammer and when you see one and crush it.
Farm Express 3 Comes the third chapter of great game farms. Care for animals, working the field and collect all the fruit you can.
Must Escape The Farm Runs the farm and finds the way to get out of the farm. Find all objects and find out how to find the exit.
Sheep Farm Your flock of sheep need to cities, you feed them and esquiles them. Meet your farmer tasks, and get the best wool.
Duck Life 4 Trains to chickens to compete to be the best farm in Duck Life 4. Prove you´re the best in Duck Life 4.
Fruit Picker Collect fruit and take it to the corresponding truck in Fruit Picker. Not you crash with other farmers or lose the game in Fruit Picker.
Farm Bike The farmer runs his farm with his new bike in Farm Bike. Enjoy driving and overcomes all obstacles in Farm Bike.
Cows Vs Aliens Cows need our help expel the aliens of the platforms in Cows Vs Aliens. It shows your intelligence in Cows Vs Aliens.
Farm Delivery Transported with the tractor to farm vegetables and fruits in Farm Delivery. Do not lose the load on the road in Farm Delivery.
Mario Tractor Mario has bought a tractor and ENCATA roam the countryside in Mario Tractor. Collect all the coins you can in Mario Tractor.
Old Macdonald Had A Farm Help the farmer to raise their animals on Old Macdonald Had A Farm. I was able to get together all the animals on Old Macdonald Had A Farm.
Farm Away 2 Get the best crops in Farm Away 2. Create your farm and get the best way to manage in Farm Away 2.
Run Doggy Run Our dog has a ravenous appetite and steals chickens to satiate in Run Doggy Run. Do not let the farmer get caught up in Run Doggy Run.
Best farm Grow your vegetables and care for animals on Best farm. Turn your most productive farm in the county on Best farm.
Ginos Platform Help the farmer to defend hooligans in Ginos Platform. Do not let them take over the town in Ginos Platform.
Farm At Night Defend your farm nocturnal animals in Farm At Night. Aim your gun to animals wicked in Farm At Night.
Farm Mania 2 Plant collection and care of animals at Farm Mania 2. Enjoy being a farmer in Farm Mania 2.
Farm Girl Haley Dressup Our farmers do not know what to wear help her in Farm Girl Haley Dressup. Dress up pretty well to the farmer at the Farm Girl Haley Dressup.
Market Delivery Become a farmer to take your goods to sell in Market Delivery. Gain the goods without losing on the road in Market Delivery.
Mooo Get our reach cow milk bottle in Mooo. Think about how to solve the puzzle at Mooo.
Barnyard Puzzle Find the differences between the two drawings of the movie in Barnyard Puzzle. You will be able to solve the puzzle in Barnyard Puzzle.
Turkey Farm Escape Help the turkey farm out in this adventure game Turkey Farm Escape. Enjoy Turkey Farm Escape.
Tractor mania Buy a tractor trailer and drag to the finish in Tractor mania. Get to target and get as many points in Tractor mania.
Niu Niu Bouncing Collect all the fruit possible Niu Niu Bouncing. Bounce the cow as much as you can in Niu Niu Bouncing.
Farm Bussines Take care of your planting, water the trees, take charge and collect the fruits in Farm Bussines. Is a best farmer in Farm Bussines.
Farm Express Drive tractor loaded with farm products to the Farm Express. It will not be easy to get to the finish in Farm Express.
Happy Garden Take care of your garden, plant fruit and collect fruit in Happy Garden. Be a good gardener in Happy Garden.
Goodgame farmer Take care of your animals, working in the field and reaps the fruits of your crops in Goodgame farmer. Being a good farmer in Goodgame farmer.
Reaction time test Hone your reflexes with Reaction time test. Do not miss any sheep Reaction time test.
Treasure Farm We have to find the diamonds on the farm, the cow helps Treasure Farm. Find the highest number of diamonds Treasure Farm.
Kitty the shooter Shoot down all the rabbits you can to score lots of points in Kitty the shooter. Do not let them reach your side in Kitty the shooter.
Pig trouble Help this granjeroa collect all the pigs in this fun game, Pig trouble. Enjoy Pig trouble.
Farm roads Helped create the road or we can not work in the fields and food for animals in Farm roads. Enjoy playing Farm roads.
Virtual farm We must work hard to take off in our Virtual farm crops. Take good care of farm animals in Virtual farm.
Farmxon We must help the farmer to cultivate all fields Farmxon. We must avoid the chickens that we do not bring the work easy in Farmxon.
Celtic Village You're a villager and you must manage your farm in Celtic Village. Pick up your fruit, cereals and feed the animals in Celtic Village.
Dotville We must build a new town and you have chosen to do so in Dotville.. Build farms, markets and houses in strong>Dotville.
Milkpanic We have to milk all the cows before they explode in Milkpanic. Run run and do not getting lost in your task Milkpanic.
Growing For Life You're the best farmer in the area and you must prove in Growing For Life. Make the best collection of fruit and wins many green coins Growing For Life.
Sue farming We have a new mission and very hard on Sue farming. You're the best farmers in the area and we have to prove in Sue farming.
My Wonderful Farm Discover the wonderful countryside with the game My Wonderful Farm. In the field we have to look like a farmer in My Wonderful Farm.
Hero and monsters You've become a brave hero in Hero and monsters. Collect all the hearts to save your people in Hero and monsters.
Extreme farm simulator In Extreme farm simulator you stop the aliens abduct your cows. Without mercy against the aliens in Extreme farm simulator.
Crop defenders There is a plague of rabbits on the farm. Crop defenders which prevents rabbits from eating your garden vegetables.

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