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Here are all the categories of the free thrilling games for you to enjoy. You can find information on free games, animals games, animals minigames and many more different games. You will have access to the animals free games which are provided all in one page for you to enjoy.
Crash Bandicoot We help our friend in Crash Bandicoot to rescue his sister Coco, who is in more hands of the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. Endless fun in Crash Bandicoot.
Tangled We must find the letters of the alphabet in the story of Sleeping Beauty with Tangled. That is really fun to play Tangled.
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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf The sheep want to escape the farm and need you to guide them to achieve it successfully. Don´t forget to pick up the fruit that you´re on the road or they have hunger.
Super Mole Stomper On our farm we have a big problem, the moles have invaded it and we have to eradicate them. Grab your hammer and when you see one and crush it.
War Elephant Surpass you that conquer all territories on the backs of our elephant. Choose your best strategy and do not leave or an enemy alive. Enjoy!
Tokyo Guinea Pop Kong We have to help the animals of the Zoo of the dangers. Activates the mechanisms and get that animals do not suffer any damage.
Sheep Farm Your flock of sheep need to cities, you feed them and esquiles them. Meet your farmer tasks, and get the best wool.
Cannon Bird 4 Again the guys at Cannon Bird. In this 4 adventures we will have to release our friends with our aim. Choose the bird right ;)
Cannon Bird 3 The Angry birds presents a new adventure, but this time you have to free your friends to crack a nut. Refine your aim and desire.
Shoot The Penguin 2 The penguins have invaded the territory of the bears, and they are angry. Aim with the gun and kill the invading penguins.
Hambo 2 Just an opportunity to eliminate the gangster in Hambo 2. Aim your weapon and shoots in Hambo 2.
Ninja Bear Help the Ninja bears to destroy their enemies in Ninja Bear. It uses the fireballs and your weapons in Ninja Bear.
Super Julio Enjoy the great adventure of Super Julio. A Mario competition has left and July is going to be very difficult with Super Julio.
Angry Birds Cannon Again the birds pissed in a new adventure in Angry Birds Cannon. You find finishing pigs in Angry Birds Cannon.
Cows Vs Aliens Cows need our help expel the aliens of the platforms in Cows Vs Aliens. It shows your intelligence in Cows Vs Aliens.
Hippos Feeder This on a safari and you must feed the hungry hippos in Hippos Feeder. Do not let them go hungry or angry at Hippos Feeder.
Turtix 2 Collect all the diamonds and saves his friends in Turtix 2. You must be careful not to get lost in Turtix 2.
Catgirl And Birds Get all the Jewish order of colors in Catgirl And Birds. Do it in order and so the challenge will get the highest number of points in Catgirl And Birds.
Crazy Rabbit War War has broken out between rabbits and you must defend your heart of Crazy Rabbit War. Aim and shoot at Crazy Rabbit War.
Bingo Sea Animal Animals are able to unite and get the same type lot in Bingo Sea Animal. Be the smartest in Bingo Sea Animal.
Birds Hunter The Angry Birds Chisco become a new game called Birds Hunter. Leave no one living animal in Birds Hunter.
Birds And Pigs Angry Birds' friends back in Birds And Pigs. Manage to catch all the food you can in Birds And Pigs.
Bubbulz Help the octopus with your skill with guns in Bubbulz. Aim and burst the balloons in Bubbulz.
Bunny Kill 5 New animated rabbits murderers in Bunny Kill 5. Enjoy the battles of these animals in Bunny Kill 5.
Rocket Panda Our friend panda wants to fly and we must help in Rocket Panda. Get fly high in Rocket Panda.
Parabirds Help the squirrels in his attack on Parabirds. Defend the territory of the enemy's attack squirrels in Parabirds.
Old Macdonald Had A Farm Help the farmer to raise their animals on Old Macdonald Had A Farm. I was able to get together all the animals on Old Macdonald Had A Farm.
Angry Birds Hunting You are disturbing the birds and we must eliminate them in Angry Birds Hunting. Aim and kill the birds in Angry Birds Hunting.
Farm Away 2 Get the best crops in Farm Away 2. Create your farm and get the best way to manage in Farm Away 2.
Run Doggy Run Our dog has a ravenous appetite and steals chickens to satiate in Run Doggy Run. Do not let the farmer get caught up in Run Doggy Run.
Best farm Grow your vegetables and care for animals on Best farm. Turn your most productive farm in the county on Best farm.
Tweet Tweet The bird of Twitter needs our help to eat at Tweet Tweet. Is working with the mouse on Tweet Tweet.
I Love Carrot Our friend the rabbit has a passion for carrots, help get them in I Love Carrot. Think well before you move in I Love Carrot.
Farm At Night Defend your farm nocturnal animals in Farm At Night. Aim your gun to animals wicked in Farm At Night.
Cocks Revenge Enjoy playing a game very similar to Angry Birds but with chicken in Cocks Revenge. Aim and destroys enemies in Cocks Revenge.
Donkey Kong Arcade Returns Our friend Donkey Kong back in the new version of Flash game Donkey Kong Arcade Returns. Way to the end in Donkey Kong Arcade Returns.
Cute Egg Chick Draw this on your taste for this beautiful hen Cute Egg Chick. Indulge your creative in Cute Egg Chick.
Gravity Duck Help us reach 40 duck eggs in Gravity Duck. Use the shift of gravity to achieve your goals in Gravity Duck.
Insect Wave Defend your territory from attack by insects it with all your guns in Insect Wave. It uses a smart tactical in Insect Wave.
Angry Birds The famous mobile game Angry Birds and comes to the Internet. Destroyed by the birds to pigs who have stolen the eggs in Angry Birds.
Ninja Dogs The ninja must rescue his master into enemy hands on Ninja Dogs. Fine tune your aim in Ninja Dogs.
Monkey pacman New version of the pacman game, now you're a monkey and jungle animals chasing you in Monkey pacman. Enjoys Monkey pacman.
Pandas Bigger Adventure The giant panda is proposing an adventure that we must solve in Pandas Bigger Adventure. You will be able to get in Pandas Bigger Adventure.
Bunnykill 4 Great animation of rabbit samurai fighting ninjas in Bunnykill 4. Do not miss this 4 delivery in Bunnykill 4.
Niu Niu Bouncing Collect all the fruit possible Niu Niu Bouncing. Bounce the cow as much as you can in Niu Niu Bouncing.
Elvis Wolf Helps Elvis Wolf to get all possible objects. Take care and correct objects Elvis Wolf
Reaction time test Hone your reflexes with Reaction time test. Do not miss any sheep Reaction time test.
Treasure Farm We have to find the diamonds on the farm, the cow helps Treasure Farm. Find the highest number of diamonds Treasure Farm.
Monkey jump We must help the phenomenon to rise as far as possible in Monkey jump. Beware do not fall and lose in Monkey jump.
Kitty the shooter Shoot down all the rabbits you can to score lots of points in Kitty the shooter. Do not let them reach your side in Kitty the shooter.
Pig trouble Help this granjeroa collect all the pigs in this fun game, Pig trouble. Enjoy Pig trouble.
Virtual farm We must work hard to take off in our Virtual farm crops. Take good care of farm animals in Virtual farm.
Scooby doo over board You have to help our friend Scooby doo to find his friend Shaggy on Scooby doo over board. Enjoy Scooby doo over board.
Farm TD The grangeros have to defend their lands from attack by animals in Farm TD. Help them save their land in Farm TD.
Pet creator Create your own pet to your taste, Pet creator. You can do and undo as you please in Pet creator.
Tigress jump We are in the temple in kunfu training Tigress jump. We have to jump from lantern to lantern and go quite high Tigress jump.
Farmxon We must help the farmer to cultivate all fields Farmxon. We must avoid the chickens that we do not bring the work easy in Farmxon.
Egg throw For that you can not meterle 10 goals in the hen Egg throw. Very simple game but very fun, enjoy Egg throw.
Animal Park Coloring Paint wild animals you want in color Coloring Animal Park. You can not stop painting in Animal Park Coloring.
Rugby ruck it We have to dodge all the players on the opposing team in Rugby ruck it. Get a standing ovation if you get it in Rugby ruck it.
Belle boutique We must ayuadr the girl to sell Belle boutique. Serve your clients flowers, cuddly toys and sweets without being angry at Belle boutique.
Mario Jungle Adventure Are Parepare to enjoy in Mario Jungle Adventure ? Help him collect fruit and dodge the enemies to win the Malavida en Mario Jungle Adventure.
Sushi cat In Sushi cat must eat all you can. Throw the cat and commits to the sushi at Sushi cat.
Toy tales puzzle Cconseguir You must beat your opponent by collecting more than him in Toy tales puzzle. Desfrute Toy tales puzzle.
Money miner 2 Ready, Set, Go! Get enough gold before time runs out in Money miner 2.
Mario Snake Remix Edition Snake Mario Remix Edition is the classic snake game but set in Mario. Enjoy this version Mario Remix Edition Snake is fun, wait no more! Game on!

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